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Attention - Project Closed!
As of december 2011 the SharpEnviro project is no longer under active development. All files provided come without any warranty or support! It is uncertain if or how well the previously released versions of SharpEnviro will work with any new or updated Windows system after Windows 7 Service Pack 1. The project page which will continue to host the previous releases along with the source code can be found here

(Installer 33.0 MB)

SharpEnviro 0.8 RC3
Released: 01 December 2011


  1. Windows XP or later
  2. .NET Framework 3.5
  3. Admin Access (one-time for setup)
Release Notes

Version 0.8 RC2 is the second Release Candidate of the next major SharpEnviro version. It comes with a setup and uninstall program to make it easier for new users to install the shell. This release is considered to be an official and stable release to be used by any user. However the software is still a beta version, so usage is at your own risk.

SharpEnviro will only change the shell of the user account which is installing the software, other user accounts on your computer will not be affected. For installing SharpEnviro you must have one-time administrator access – this is necessary to setup your Windows to accept third party shell replacements. Changing the shell itself later on will not require administrator access again.

If you want to enabled the shell on other user accounts or if you want to manually change the shell without removing SharpEnviro you can run the Change Shell link from your start menu or you can run SetShell.exe directly from the SharpEnviro directory.

After installing SharpEnviro you have to reboot your computer – which will after the next login load SharpEnviro as your new shell.

Please note that at the moment SharpEnviro has no unicode support for languages which require special character sets. Running the shell on a windows version which requires unicode support might result in problems or the inability to use the shell at all.