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What is SharpEnviro?

SharpEnviro (or SharpE) is an open source shell replacement system for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. When using SharpEnviro the default Windows desktop is replaced by a new and more powerful desktop environment. The goal of SharpEnviro is not only to create a user friendly desktop environment which provides many advanced and modern desktop features, but to also create a desktop environment which is easily configurable and which you can customise to your needs. You can decide how your desktop will look like and how it will work – adjust your desktop environment to work like you want it to.

Create multiple toolbars

When using SharpEnviro you can create multiple freely configurable toolbars. Those toolbars are similar to the Windows task bar, only that you can now configure how many of them you want and what content you want in them. Special Modules are available for the toolbars which provide extended functionality such as monitoring the memory and cpu usage of your PC, taking notes or displaying weather informations. Until now over 20 different Modules for your toolbars are available, offering many new possibilities in how you can use your computer.

Easily configurable

A big part of SharpEnviro is SharpCenter, a unified graphical interface with which every aspect of the shell can be configured. It’s designed to be easily used and accessible by the everyday user without any deep knowledge about computers. Even though it uses a simple graphical interface it still allows you to fine-tune the more advanced features of the shell to your needs.

To make getting to know all settings and possible configurations even easier SharpCenter includes an integrated help system. If you want to know what you can do with all the settings SharpEnviro offers, just click the little help icon in SharpCenter to find about it.

Extensive multiple monitors support

For users with multiple monitors SharpEnviro offers many advanced features to enhance your desktop experience. Besides being able to assign different wallpapers to each monitor it is easily possible to place different toolbars on each monitor. Some of the modules even support multi monitor aware features, such as making it possible for a task bar to only show the windows which are on the current monitor.

In addition SharpEnviro features virtual monitors similar to what is known from unix like operating systems. With those virtual monitors you can temporarily move all your current windows to a virtual or invisible monitor and then later switch back to them. It is even possible to use up to 12 different virtual monitors between which you can switch dynamically.

Designed and developed for Windows

SharpEnviro changes the complete look of your desktop environment and enables many new ways in improving how you can use your computer. But despite this it still runs on-top of Microsoft Windows, which means that all your favourite native Windows applications will still work without any restrictions. To make your first steps in the world of SharpEnviro even easier the default setup of the shell was designed to be very similar to what you know from Microsoft Windows – so just dive in, try it out and explore a new and exciting way to use your computer.